Children’s Centre Improvement


The planned consultation on the future of children’s centres and the recently announced ‘pause’ in the children’s centre inspection cycle, (pending the outcome of the consultation and the potential changes to the inspection framework), has provided a welcome opportunity for local authorities, delivery partners and centres to reflect on what works well and to consider opportunities to improve service delivery in terms of outcomes and impact, without the pressure of an imminent inspection.

C4EO offers Partner Consultancy Support and:

  • Bespoke consultancy packages
  • Single-centre reviews
  • Feedback on the analysis and identification of underdeveloped themes

How C4EO can support local authorities?

An LA wide review of children’s centre services and readiness for a new inspection framework:

On the basis of previous inspection reports or annual conversations, a number of themes for focused reviews or scrutiny could be identified:

  • A review of data collection, monitoring, information management, and the overarching performance management system and processes.
  • An evaluation of the blend of universal and targeted services through an in-depth review of the Commissioning Framework.
  • Improving case studies and files in tracking users and evidencing impact and outcomes of centre services.
  • Engaging with parents and children and putting the child at the heart of decision making in being ‘Ambitious for Children’. (Children’s Commissioner for England report).
  • Strengthening partnership working with health and social care in the light of the transfer of the ‘Healthy Child Programme’ to the LA and the Integrated Review.
  • Strategies for improving partnerships with schools and early year’s settings, in meeting targets for the ‘Free Education Entitlements’ for 2, 3 and 4 year olds.
  • Reducing ‘poverty’ by improving the development of the ‘economic well-being offer’ through effective working with Job Centres, FE/HE, training providers and the VCSE.

How C4EO support children’s centres or groups of centres:

C4EO offer a bespoke consultancy package to meet the specific needs of an agency, individual centre or school.

  • A single-centre review: which could include a website/service programme critique, analysis and commentary on the SEF, Development Plan, Improvement Plan, ToR for the Advisory Board and minutes. It could be a virtual or face to face meeting, or combination of both.
  • To give feedback on the analysis and identification of
    underdeveloped themes or practice and the development of an improvement/action plan and act as mentor if

Children’s Centre Improvement Brochure

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