Adoption, care planning and routes to permanence.

The Government has developed and implemented an ambitious reform programme to ensure that more children, for whom adoption is the best option, can be placed more quickly with permanent, loving families to ensure they have the best possible chances in life.

This has involved a particular emphasis on:

  • Reducing the time it takes between children first
    entering care and being adopted;
  • Improving the quality of decision making;
  • Increasing the numbers of adopters being recruited and approved;
  • The impact of effective adoption support.

To help Local Authorities C4EO can offer:

  • Coaching
  • Training courses
  • Consultancy
  • Strategic reviews

How C4EO can help:

  • Strategic review to identify strengths and areas for improvement in current local systems
  • System redesign to increase the number of adopters being recruited and/or matched and supported through the adoption process
  • Support to reduce delay, duplication and bureaucracy in streamlining care planning and family finding systems to deliver results for children as quickly as possible, taking account of the reform of the family justice system with a renewed focus on children’s needs.
  • Support to improve data collection and to introduce performance tracking and quality assurance systems for every child’s plan and every adopter’s application
  • Social work skill development for new service processes and whole system culture change including permanency planning
  • Coaching, mentoring and support
  • Ensuring there is a good understanding across all agencies of the importance of partnership work in promoting children’s outcomes through reducing delay and promoting permanency
  • Support to develop regional/consortia arrangements for adoption support
  • Concurrent planning from fostering to adoption
  • Performance tracking
  • Implementation of the Adoption Support Fund (for post-adoption support).

Adoption, care planning and routes to permanence brochure


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