Products and Services - Tailored 'Peer to Peer' Support

C4EO help support local improvement activity and offer a range of set offers to support the sector outlined below.  We can also provide challenge and a ‘test of assurance’ across children’s services within local areas.

Our areas of specialisation:

The C4EO ethos is very much a ‘working in collaboration’ approach, with the belief in capacity building the recipient organisation to provide a legacy of sustained improvement.

Requests for support should be emailed to: or call 020 7833 6825.

Training Courses

As part of the NCB we can offer cost-effective tailored training covering all aspects of children's issues. Courses are delivered to venue of your choice, to a timescale that suits your organisation's requirements and can be tailored to meet specific your needs.

Current courses include:

Latest News & Events

  • Working with families with multiple needs - Practitioner Training | 16.06.16

    20th July 2016 - London - One day course. Practitioner training to gain the knowledge and understanding of the potential impact of parental mental health problems, substance misuse and domestic violence on children.

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  • A Quiet Place - evidence based, personal development programmes | 12.05.16

    A Quiet Place provides evidence based, personal development programmes, supporting the achievement of unique outcomes for all ages and abilities, focusing on future aspirations and dreams, whilst drawing upon a completely holistic approach.

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Latest Best Practice

  • Operation Encompass, Plymouth

    Themes this local practice example relates to: Vulnerable (Looked After) Children Safeguarding Families, Parents and Carers General resources Early Help Priorities this local practice example relates to: Protecting children living in families where they are at high risk of abuse, harm or neglect Basic details Organisation submitting example

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  • Parent Champions

    Parent Champions originated as a small-scale pilot scheme following research conducted by Daycare Trust between 2004 and 2007, which found that despite advances in childcare provision in the UK in that period, disadvantaged groups still remained less likely to take up childcare. 

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